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The company is headed by the Managing Director as the Chief Executive Officer and is supervised by the board of directors and contracted professional consultants in various management fields to ensure professionalism and maximum corporate governance.

Executive Management

The managing director is chief executive officer and forms part of senior management team with four other staff that includes; Operations Manager, Administration Manager, Operations Coordinator, and Senior Technicians. 100% of the staff is technically skilled in either mechanical, electrical, electronics and or information technology.

Business and Service Management

The organization has a combination of specializations to support its core business. As one of the main national service providers of management and maintenance of equipment, it is not possible to ignore other business areas of specialization to be able to achieve the intended goals. The company’s clientele base is across industry though, the majority of the customers are in the energy sector and mostly the oil marketing organizations.

Safety Policy

The company ensures and adheres to, environmental, health and safety policy in accordance with the International Safety Regulations and the Kenyan regulations in the general code of conduct in industrial works. The policy include training and maximizing use of safety personal and protective equipment at all times before and during any assignment. The policy also include management of fire and general emergencies. The company also has an insurance policy for staff safety and assurance with local insurance firms. The company has an up-to date Health Safety and Environmental Policy
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