Our intended goal as Western Pumps Services Ltd is to be one of the global leaders in the petroleum industry.

Western Pumps Services has enjoyed rapid growth over recent years. It is the motivation, hard work and expertise of our staff that has made this happen-and that continues to make this happen day after day. Our employees play a key strategic role in company development.

Therefore, we are always on the lookout for skilled specialists to join WPS team. The ideal WPS candidate shows enthusiasm; a desire to grow and to help the company grow; a service ethos and a commitment to teamwork, and to excellence. We recruit a wide variety of technical specialists across a range of key sectors from technical colleges, universities and polytechnics.  Successful applicants are offered the opportunity to work within multicultural settings on unique and exciting projects.

We constantly evaluate the physical, mental and emotional condition of each employee in order to make a safe and proper placement before starting a new or unfamiliar job. Managers, supervisors and coordinators are additionally charged with the responsibility of enforcing compliance with these rules and for ensuring that employees under their supervision use these safe work practices or equivalent measures.